We were inspired by the word gather, persimmons and gold, and wanted to showcase autumn’s natural bounty. We liked the idea of gathering a big bouquet of golden wheat straight from our beautiful Utah Mountains.

We decided that we would like a natural looking model with wheat colored hair in a simple wheat colored dress. We liked the idea of using her natural beauty with a pop of orange red on her lips and darling orange booties. Our thoughts again went to the rich colorful fruits of the season like the beautiful persimmon.

Even though the model is a natural beauty, we still wanted to add some sparkle to our shoot and we looked to Beckie Winston, the owner of Maison Confisserie et Boutique for something delicate and pretty that represented the gold found in autumn.  She donated the simple, yet amazing earrings and bracelets for the shoot. 

The story –  We decided that the Utah Mountains were the perfect setting because the backdrop is breathtakingly stunning this time of year. The story follows the simple path of a young girl in love.  She is out for an autumn stroll with the intent of gathering nature’s harvest.  Along the way, she gathers a bountiful bushel of golden wheat and also makes an autumnal bouquet and adorns her hair with flowers.  

Credits: Lindsey Stewart/Green Apple Photography, Calligrapher: Laura Miller/You Doll Design, Jewelry: Maison Confiserie et Boutique, Model: Elizabeth Pynes