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A little bit about me~  When I was 18, I worked in a local flower shop.  After falling in love with flowers, I  worked for a travel agency doing their marketing and event planning.  I graduated from college from the University of Utah with a BA in English (also got hitched to the love of my life).  Then I took what I call my "left brained training period" where I worked for a large well known computer corporation and quickly moved my way up and managed 3 sales teams around the country (Boston, Utah and Chicago.) I worked in this left brained fast paced industry for 7 yrs.  This is where I learned not only to be organized and manage people, but that I loved to travel, meet new people and use a spreadsheet (secretly the whole time, I always bought wedding magazines and it was my dream to plan and create beauty.) After a time, I quit my job and we moved to Paris and this is where my love for the Parisian style and way of life began.  I spent my time raising my two daughters, traveling, taking amazing cooking and french classes.  I also toured and traveled as much as I could.  I was sad to move back home a couple of years later, but truly Paris holds half my heart and I get back there as much as I can. Paris had a huge impact on my style.   I learned that it takes effort to look effortless.  I came home and slowly began creating events and doing flowers, starting with friends and now Bride's from not only Utah, but from around the US.  In addition to my two sweet girls, Sophie and Chloe - I had a baby boy, William, who is now 4 years old and keeps me laughing non stop. I would say that this business found me and it is something that I truly love.  And I have to warn my future brides, I  get attached very easily to them and feel like they are my friends for life.    

XO, Allison

About La Fête

Allison Baddley and the La Fête team create, plan and implement timeless, classic and unique events and floral design.  La Fête is based in Utah and primarily works in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, but we are always willing to travel.  We specialize in Utah destination weddings and are used to working with couples from around the nation.  We have executed weddings for Brides and Grooms from all over.


Words from Allison Baddley, owner of La Fête~

My style is fresh and unique but also timeless and lovely. I lived in Paris, France with my little family for a time period and the "french style" and architecture had a great impact on my esthetics.  I love to mix timeless classic looks with modern elements and this combination creates an extraordinary effect.   I truly feel that details can easily be overdone and I think my talent truly lies in balancing this effortless elegance. It is my personal goal to move my clients to tears and to drop the jaws of their guests.

La Fleur - My style tends to be romantic, lush and wild with a touch of a modern element to make your arrangements truly unique and timeless.  I love to sculpt, hang and create.  I have often been seen high on ladders hanging vines and trailing roses. I like to push the boundaries of a static arrangement. I dream in flowers. I am constantly creating unique and fresh combinations and textures and flowers in my mind. When I am creating floral designs, the world stops for me and I am truly in bliss.   I can honestly say I would never put my name on something that is not a perfect dream.  For some of my favorite floral designs click here.

La Fête -  Naturally, this is the name I chose for my company because it means "the party" and it had to be something French. It is my belief that the whole event should represent the style, personality and goals of the client and be as fun and carefree as the best party that they will ever attend.  I feel that I treat every event with the utmost attention and my goal is to make the planning process fun and stress free.  I pay attention to the tiniest detail right down to the texture of linens to menu choices.   The event unravels itself to me like a unique and exciting story that weaves the elements throughout, unveiling itself with twists, turns and surprises.  For some of my favorite weddings click here.

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Allison with two sisters who were both La Fete brides (3 months apart) and their lovely mother.   Photo courtesy of  Heather Nan   

Allison with two sisters who were both La Fete brides (3 months apart) and their lovely mother.  Photo courtesy of Heather Nan