Tres Chic ~ si vous plait

Boxwood always reminds of of Paris. I love the perfectly trimmed bushes and trees. I remember a couple of times per year I would hear a loud truck outside the window of our apartment and look out to see  a man on a extension ladder trimming the tops of the trees straight across the to give the trees lining the street that uniform look that I have come to love about Paris.  This wedding was fun to create because the bride wanted to add dark green boxwood to the navy and ivory palette and this instantly added that french touch to their evening.  I thought the mixed cement urns added that special something chic to this wedding. The the French really know how to mix modern elements with the antique so effortlessly well.  I  try to add this aspect into my weddings to give them a timeless feel - free of fads of the day - to make the wedding style last for years to come.  These beautiful photos are courtesy of Travis J. Photography