Intimate Park City Ceremony

What's pink and Red and dripping with rustic romance?  Tiffany and Dave's March 1st wedding! I was so excited to use this amazing color combo for this rustic, intimate wedding ~  Pink and Red and dark purple (no greens). So rich and elegant.  The wedding was held at the beautiful Glen Wild private golf club in Park City.  I wish I had some pictures of the drop dead gorgeous couple.  They were so easy going and trusted me completely -- I was one lucky planner!  It was the perfect day.  Right before the ceremony, snowflakes started to float to the ground as the beautiful harp music floated through the air.  Of course there was me, crawling on the ground frantically lighting all the many candles that lined the aisle (wedding prep is not glamorous folks!)  Look at  those amazing silver candlesticks!  They belonged to the brides family and made the perfect frame for the ceremony.  I only have random iphone pics to share, but how about that bouquet?!?!  I was so worried about an all red bouquet, but truly this one turned out to be one of my favorites I have ever made.

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