Let the snuggle season commence! Autumn is a time for sipping hot chocolate and drinks infused with cinnamon to warm our hearts and tummies.  I love to watch the trees on our street turn shades of red and amber to golden yellow.  I am giddy that my blue delphiniums always re-bloom with renewed strength.  I get excited for hearty soups and fires in the fireplace.  I feel the reminder to start taking vitamin D because the sun will be sparse over the next months. One thing I must confess however is that I despise carving pumpkins and I hate getting flu shots and flu season (but doesn't everyone!?!)     

On a lighter note,  I am very excited (practically giddy) about a collaboration that I have in the works with the talented Lindsey Stewart of Green Apple Photography .  It is so rewarding to think outside of the box and really let the creative juices start to flow. I am so excited that we work so well together and I cant wait to watch our collaborations blossom over the next couple of months into something amazing.  This picture is just a sneak peak of something special we have coming up. To Be Continued... 

photo courtesy of Lindsey Stewart with Green Apple Photography